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Goodie Mob - What You See (Feat Witchdoctor And Melanie Melbo Smith) Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:What You See (Feat Witchdoctor And Melanie Melbo Smith)
Album:One Monkey Don't Stop No ShowGenres:Blues
Year: Length:232 sec

Lyricist: Goodie Mob


[Intro] [Big Boi]
Nah nah nah
That's part of the
That's, yeah
I got ya good that time, shawty

[Chorus] [Debra Killings]
Start over again
Everything happens for a reason
Good doesn't come without pain
Start over again
Everything happens for a reason

[Verse 1] [Big Boi]
Ain't it funny how you're born and then your life begins
Just like a baby all alone, that's if you wasn't a twin
You must begin to fend for self when the umbilical's cut
The doctor put you under the heating lamp, your spirit is touched
You know what, I take that back, why? You was alive
Date of conception, interception cause the sperm did collide
From T 'n A to DNA, feelings turn to children
The morning after pill didn't put a halt to our very existance
We livin, breathin, soon we'll be teethin
Our granny got a gold and now we want one for that reason
An adolescent mind is so impressionable in those stages
But parents got to parent their kids to keep them out of cages
Cell therapists beware of this lugie that I spit
Incarceration without rehabilitation really don't mean shit
Little Ricky's home, he gotta serve probation for six months
But Uncle Donnel and Ol' Dirty Bastard still in the joint

[Chorus] [Debra Killings]

[Verse 2] [Khujo]
Good does not come without pain
Meaning, before it gets better, it's goin get worse
Like my homies on the sick side still dyin over turf
That don't belong ot urse
I mean us, left in the dust
Try to catch up with massah
I used to wanna wrap my hands around the esophagus of them crackers
But Ephesians 6:12 said it wasn't flesh and blood that we wrestle against
Principalities, powers of this world
Rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness
In high places, so throw that whole armor of righteousness
I spark this thang, but my name ain't Bubba
I got a problem with racist cab drivers, like Glover
And brothers that wax fat an dforget all about the struggle
Yeah, come on, come on
Guess what, guess what
Time to reset this thang

[Chorus] [Debra Killings]

[Verse 3] [Cee-Lo]
Listen to me
I awaken to sunlight that's beyond bright
This day will be done right
There is a war, just waiting on the other side of the door
But I'll be bringing God to the gunfight
Can't live forever, so have some fun, right
Life's a bowl of candy, you can have one, right
You can handle if tomorrow never comes, right
You'll get used to singin if only for one night
But I intend to raise two daughters and a son right
And I couldn't have wrote this if I was hopeless
And see I focus to provoke this
So open wide for my opinionated opus
Stop playin Go Fish, but not below this
Before I go, I thought that you all should know this
Recognize and realize before any regretting
Before you relapse, perhaps you'll consider resetting

[Debra Killings]
Start over again
Everything happens for a reason


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