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Cat Stevens - Just Another Night Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Just Another Night
Album:The Very Best OfGenres: 
Year: Length:232 sec


I remember standing here
Right on this first same side
I was dying but for you
It was just another night

You once wrapped me in your world
You bought me my first shoes
I was just another lonely child
Oh and you were much amused

So you took me and you dressed me well
All for your friends to see
You drained my body calmly 'til
There was no more left in me

Then you walked out and you cut me cold
Out on a road somewhere
Why it happened, well I don't know
And I still have no idea

But everybody needs a friend
Sometimes you need a little help
And who knows, maybe one day you'll seek mine
Only time will tell

You once held me in your arms
You made me feel so right
I was flying but for you
It was just another night
Oh oh oh

But everybody needs a little help
Whether or not you think you really do
Everybody needs a little help
Now the time has come for you

I ain't looking to fight no wars
No more talking trash
I'm not seeking anymore pain
'Cause I've had enough of that

But don't you worry, it's alright
If you should come around
Any night or any day
I won't ever let you down.


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