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Song:Saviour (Vox)
Album:Burning EmpiresGenres:Futurepop
Year: Length:419 sec

Lyricist: VNV Nation


As the stars appear
I know I'll find you staring at the sky
Pointlessly reaching for some light
You hope to guide your sorry way

Your body bleeding
Your body burned
Your body scarred
Around the cinder of your heart

A God of love
A God of care
A God of hope
A God of words
A God as lost as you and blind
To fill your hollow soul again
You seek a God who stands above you
Wrapping healing arms around you
You'll find another God of pain
A God of suffering and tears

Give yourself unto your God
Sacrifice yourself again
Burn your thoughts erase your will
To Gods of suffering and tears
Tie hallowed bonds around your hands
Kneel before this seat of shame
To Gods as lost
Gods as blind
Gods of suffering and pain


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