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Project Pitchfork - Beautiful-logic-strings Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Year: Length:283 sec

Lyricist: Project Pitchfork


My screams
Your love
Our ignorance
In a distance
As close as your love
A light so bright, so alive

The border to madness
Isn't far away, my friend
The tissue behind reality
Gives ideas which shine
Like stars today
From above but nowhere to go
Nowhere to go anymore

A thought creates a dragon
With me on a cliff
A last scream
I swallow the sun
So you don't get burned
You opened the door
You awoke the dragon
Just by curiosity
You came into this land
But you forgot
The questions in your heart

A further rotten sheep
Swallowed by a cow
A mad trick to cheat on life
An invention - to solve hunger
An invention - to solve pain
An invention - to heal the side-effect
Brick by brick the building grows
Higher and higher into the sky

I had to eat the sun - my friend
So you don't get blinded anymore
By your own mad dragon
Once you asked
Where is the key to your heart
Now I say
It's on the chain to your brain


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