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Funker Vogt - Follow Me Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Follow Me
Album:T (disc 1)Genres:Industrial
Year: Length:298 sec

Lyricist: Funker Vogt


An open door an invitation
To join in this new world
I took the chance despite the danger
All I saw was 'follow me'

I lived this new exciting life
Like every day on ecstacy
Pretty soon I got addicted
Lost my personality

I was floating for a while
Drifting through this metaverse
And day by day the distance grew
I left behind reality

I lost contact with myself
Acting merely like a puppet
Where someone else pulled all the strings
Used me like a brainless zombie

I am lost
I can't see the ground
And what's lost
Can never be found

Lost forever
Condemned and betrayed
Lost my faith
I was the bait


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