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Funker Vogt - Buried Alive Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Buried Alive
Album:Execution TracksGenres:Industrial
Year: Length:351 sec

Lyricist: Funker Vogt


I feel the walls too close to me
And everything here's black
I can already reach the ceiling
Although I lie on my back

There's no way to get outside
There's hardly space to move
I don't know how I came in
I don't have any prove

So what has happened to me
I'm much to blind to see
Oh please give me a clue
What I have to do
Is it already too late
No chance to open the gate
Is this really the end
Time to reach a new land?

I don't know what has happened
And why I am in here
Don't even know who I am
Everything is much too near

Maybe I am buried alive
Or my body - my body is dead
Never had such a feeling
There are strange sounds in my head


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