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Ashanti - Ohhh Ahhh Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Ohhh Ahhh
Album:Chapter IiGenres:R&B
Year: Length:278 sec


It was in the way you
grabbed my waist looked into
my face and told me i was your only
yours already knew that i had
fell for you giving myself to you
i kinda want a little more see
i dont know what you did but
i like it and how it is i dont know
if its right i dont care if its wrong
i dont know if its love but i cant get enough so
Ooo oh ooo
ya just what i need
I always wanna be alone with you
no matter what we do it's something
that i'm gonna love even when i am
on the phone with you i pretend I'm
holding you, im fiending for you more and more
see now i know what you did
just on kiss with your lips
see i know how i feel
what I'm feeling is real and
i need to you to know that you're
making me go
Ooo oh ooo
ya just what i need
Boy you got me just where i been dreaming
fiending for your love
i have never met no one to take
me and make me feel like you do


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