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Alicia Keys - Slow Down Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Slow Down
Album:The Diary Of Alicia KeysGenres:R&B
Year: Length:259 sec


Ooo baby
there's somthing that I gotta tell ya
Baby you should know
What's on my mind

Now ooo baby
I'm feelin our situation
It's gettin stronger
How we wanted
But i gotta take my time

See there so much about you
That I want to explore
Physical attraction
We just can't ignore it
But before we got too far across the line
Gotta really make sure that i'm sure

Slow down babe
Let take our time
SLow down babe
If you don't mind
Slow down babe
Before we make this move
Slow down babe
baby slow down
(i Think it's really too soon)

Ooo baby
It's like I've known you forever
My medula obligada is electrified
ooo ooo baby
whenever we're alone together
I'm about to explode and it feels so right
but i gotta take my time

Bridge chorus

See I know what is best
cause I've been there before
gave myself to someone
for all the wrong reasons
But this time around
I don't wanna do that again
I just wanna make this
the way that i've dreamed of
So baby you got ta...



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