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Alannah Myles - Rock This Joint Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Rock This Joint
Album:Alannah MylesGenres:Rock
Year: Length:242 sec


He was Johnny on the spot he was red hot
Walked slow and smoked a lot
She was a jukebox junkie, hand on one hip
Great big eyes and bright red lips
I said hey & hey hey hey
well they Eased on out to the center of the floor
Started dancing like never before
She's spinnin like crazy, crashin' into the crowd
on top of two tables, screamin' right out loud
I wanna rock this joint
I wanna take this town
Cause I light up when the sun goes down
I wanna rock this joint
I wanna take this place
Cause I wanna die with a smile on my face
I said hey.. hey hey hey
well The whole damn place
Spilled into the street
Climbin' on cars
High on the heat
up on the roof


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