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Muse - Hoodoo Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Album:Black Holes and RevelationsGenres:Rock
Year:2006 Length:223 sec

Lyricist: Muse


Come into my life,
Regress into a dream,
We will hide,
Build a new reality,
Draw another picture,
Of the life you could have had,
Follow your instincts,
And choose the other path.

You should never be afraid,
You're protected from trouble and pain,
Why, Why is this a crisis in your eyes again?

Come to be,
How did it come to be,
Tied to a railroad,
No love to set us free,
Watch our souls fade away,
And our bodies crumble in,
Don't be afraid.

I will take the blow for you.

And I've had recurring nightmares,
That I was loved for who I am,
And missed the opportunity,
To be a better man.


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