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Lynch Mob - Street Fightin
Song:Street Fightin' Man
Album:Wicked SensationGenres:Pop
Year:1990 Length:289 sec


Music Lynch, Logan
lyrics Logan, Esposito

he Was A Back Alley Street Fightin Man
he Just Do What He Please
a Bad Struttin Mother, A Sucker For
his Gun And His Needs

yeah, Mad At The World
thrown Down And Tied To The Whippin'
post, Oh He's A Lost Soul
who Wants It All

you Know A Poor Boy With Muddy Hands
ain't Got No Childhood Memories
there's No Way Out For This Punk Called

street Fightin' Man
yeah, Street Fightin Man

well There's A Black Cloud That Covers
the City A Shadow He Stands
taken Through The Darkest Alleyways And
taught Fist, Blood, And Greed
and Nothing More

sad At The World
like A Heart That Bleeds With A Cut
od A Knife Oh He's A Lost Soul
who Wants It All
mad At The World
poor Souls How No Respect
for No One At All

oh I Won't Be Coming Home
no I Won't
street Fightin' Man

he Was A Back Alley Street Fightin' Man
he Just Do What He Please
for Ever To Be Damned
just A Beggar, Begging On His Knees
you Know It;s Down, Down, Down
to The Depths Of His Soul
there Ain't No Loving Home Man
for Tha Street Fightin' Man
street Fightin' Man
and Mad At The World
no I Won't Be Coming
i Won't Be Coming


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