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Alexander Skip Spence - It
Song:It's the Best Thing for You
Year:2001 Length:169 sec


Oh, I'd like to take your clothes off
Underneath the Eisenhower Bridge
Yes, I'd like to throw them off
The highest point of the Tallahatchie Bridge

As it looks so much finer than to be in Carolina
With no clothes on, hmmm... Goodness knows...

It's the best thing for you darling
It's the best thing for us all
It's the best thing for you sweetheart
If you had no clothes at all

All the fellas at the store
All want some of what you have
Wouldn't it be a crime if you didn't share
Especially when you got what everybody wants
But nobody's got but you

We're in the same grade school and I love you
I've loved you ever since I kicked over the kindergarten wall
And you were standing on the other side
Peeking in our bathroom, without any clothes on, dear
And I love you, yes I do

And when I get you here, I'll never let you go away
Cindy Lou's your middle name, dad was Francis Drake
Your mom, she lived in Florida for thirty years
Till she got bit by a poisonous rattle snake

I think you're just about fine for me
And if you're near, stand over here alone, with me


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