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Alexander Skip Spence - Furry Heroine (Halo of Gold) Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Furry Heroine (Halo of Gold)
Year:2014 Length:216 sec


We'll run away
We're running away
Where you gonna go?
Where you gonna away to?

Have you got a fine place to slip to when you're feeling down?
Have you had a week or two just to get your troubles down?
Slip behind a rock and it'll raise out to her and times of the bowery
I found a lot of life and laughter with her grandfather in the bowery

She had a body of sixteen or seventeen
And a mind of forty
I met her on a cold day
In a city far away
Where the world's about zero
And I saw at once into her soul
She smiled and called me her hero
Then like a walk in the rain, in the rain, in the rain, in the rain
I found a lot of life that day
With her grandfather in the bowery
'Cause I lie down like the wild
She had a halo of gold
Told me stories of her life and her courage was sublime
'Cause you're mine
I walk the line

Well, she comes down tiger's and elephant's teeth
Elephants are climbing the zoo
Monkeys and beggars and thiefs
And Little Orphan Annie is too

Everything is under the sun
It'd be you and I and everyone
But if I didn't like it that way
I'd have to change it

Rearrange it


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