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Queen - Forever - Lyrics2You

'39 (2014 Remastered)
A Winter's Tale (2011 Remastered)
Bijou (2011 Remastered)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2011 Remastered)
Dear Friends (2011 Remastered)
Don't Try So Hard (2011 Remastered)
Drowse (2014 Remastered)
Friends Will Be Friends (2011 Remastered)
I Was Born to Love You (2011 Remastered)
In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited (2011 Remastered)
Is This the World We Created... (2014 Remastered)
Las Palabras de Amor (The Words of Love) (2011 Remastered)
Let Me In Your Heart Again (2014 Remastered)
Lily of the Valley (2014 Remastered)
Long Away (2011 Remastered)
Love Of My Life (2011 Remastered)
Love Of My Life (Remastered 2011)
Mother Love (2011 Remastered)
Nevermore (2011 Remastered)
One Year of Love (2011 Remastered)
Play the Game (2014 Remastered)
Sail Away Sweet Sister (2011 Remastered)
Save Me (2014 Remastered)
Somebody To Love (2014 Remastered)
Spread Your Wings (2014 Remastered)
The Miracle (2014 Remastered)
There Must Be More to Life Than This (with Michael Jackson)
These Are the Days of Our Lives (2011 Remastered)
Too Much Love Will Kill You (2011 Remastered)
Who Wants to Live Forever (2011 Remastered)
You Take My Breath Away (2014 Remastered)
You're My Best Friend (2011 Remastered)


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