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Linkin Park - Live in Texas - Lyrics2You

01 Somewhere I Belong
02 Lying From You
03 Papercut
05 Runaway
06 Faint
07 From The Inside
08 P5hng Me Awy
09 Numb
10 Crawling
11 In The End
12 One Step Closer
Crawling (Live '03)
Crawling (Live In Texas)
Don't Stay (Live)
Faint (Live '03)
Figure 09
From the Inside
From The Inside (Live '03)
From The Inside (Live In Texas
From The Inside (Live in Texas)
From The Inside(Live)
In the End
In The End (Live '03)
In The End (Live In Texas)
Lying from You
Lying From You (Live '03)
Lying From You (Live In Texas)
Lying From You(Live)
Numb (Live '03)
One Step Closer
One Step Closer (Live '03)
One Step Closer (Live in Texas)
One Step Closer(Live)
P5hing Me A*Wy [Live]
P5hng Me A
P5hng me a*wy
P5hng Me A*wy [Live]
P5hng Me A*wy(Live)
P5hng Me Away
P5hng Me A_wy
Paper Cut
Papercut (Live '03)


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