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Yazoo - Upstairs at Eric's Album Songs | Albums | Album Arts

Yazoo - Upstairs at Eric

Bad Connection
Bring Your Love Down
Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I)
Don't Go
Dont Go
dont go (extended)
Dont Go (official video 1982)
Goodbye Seventies
I Before E Except After C
In My Room
Nobody's Diary
Only You
Only You (Remix)
Situation (12 Remix)
Situation (U.S. 12 Mix)
Situation (U.S. 12' remix)
Situation (U.S. 12'' Remixed By Francois Kevorkian)
Situation (Us 12 Inch Remix By Francois Kevorkian)
Situation (US 12')
Situation (US Dub)
The Other Side Of Love
The Other Side Of Love (12 Inch Version)
The Other Side Of Love (12')
Too Pieces
Winter Kills


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