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New Order - Substance (Disc 1) Album Songs | Albums | Album Arts

Bizarre Love Triangle
Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone Remix)
Blue Monday
Blue Monday (12' Version)
New Order - Substance (Disc 1) - Lyrics2You

Ceremony (12' Version with Gillian Gilbert)
Ceremony [Alternate Version]
Confusion (1987 Mix)
Confusion [Alternate Version] [Instrumental]
Everything's Gone Green
Everything's Gone Green (12' Version)
Perfect Kiss
Perfect Kiss (Substance Edit)
Shellshock (John Robbie Remix Edit)
State Of The Nation
State Of The Nation (12' Version)
Subculture (John Robbie Remix Edit)
Temptation [12' Version]
Temptation [7' Version]
Thieves Like Us
Thieves Like Us (12' Version)
True Faith


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