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All Nite Madness
All Nite Madness (With Hanifah Walidah)
Bounce (Mousse T. with Davia Bridges)
By Myself
By Myself (Mousse T. with Inaya Day)
Is It Cos Im Cool
Just Look At Us Now
Just Look At Us Now (Mousse T. with James Kakande)
Monotony (Mousse T. with Calvin Lynch)
Music Makes Me Fly
Music Makes Me Fly (Mousse T. with Amiel)
Pop Muzak (Ian Pooley radio edit)
Right About Now
Right About Now (Feat. Emma Lanford)
Right About Now (Mousse T. with Emma Lanford)
Sex Has Gone
Sex Has Gone (Mousse T. with Roachford)
Turn Me On
Turn Me On (Mousse T. with Kathleen Chaplin)
Underground (with Hugh Cornwell)
Wow (Mousse T. with Emma Lanford)


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