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01 Jacqueline
02 - Tell Her Tonight
03 - Take Me Out
05 Auf Achse
06 - Cheating On You
06 Cheating On You
07 - This Fire
07 This Fire
08 - Darts Of Pleasure
08 Darts Of Pleasure
09 Michael
10 - Come On Home
10 Come On Home
2000s Rock Essentials - 43 - Take Me Out
40 Feet
40 Ft
Auf Achse
Auf Achse (Album Version)
auf acshe
Cheating On You
Cheating On You (Album Version)
Come On Home
Darts Of Pleasure
Do You Want To
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Jacqueline (Album Version)
Love and destroy
Shopping For Blood
Take Me Out
Tell Her Tonight
Tell Her Tonight (Album Version)
Tell Her Tonight (home demo)
The Dark Of The Matinée
The Dark Of The Matinee
The Dark Of The Matinie (Album Version)
This Fire


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