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Nightwish - Wishmaster - Lyrics2You

06 Swanheart.mp3
Bare Grace Misery
Beauty and the Beast
Bless the Child
Bruno feat. Lucila - The Carpenter
Come Cover Me
Come over Me
Dead Boy's Poem
Deep Silent Complete
Deep Silent Complete (Live at Pakkahuone)
Deep Silent Complete (Live Bonus Track)
End of All Hope
Ever Dream
Fantas Mic
Sacrament of Wilderness
She Is My Sin
Sleeping Sun
Sleeping Sun (2005 radio edit)
Sleeping Sun (Bonus Track)
Sleepwalker (Bonus Track)
Sleepwalker (Bonus)
Sleepwalker (Eurovision Version)
Sleepwalker (heavy version)
Sleepwalker (Original Version Bonus Track)
Sleepwalker (original version)
Sleepwalker (Rare Track)
The Kinslayer
The Kinslayer (Remastered)
The Riddler
Two For Tragedy
Walking in the Air
Wanderlust (Live at Pakkahuone)
Wanderlust (Live Bonus Track)


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