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ADAM SANDLER - What The Hell Happened To Me! Album Songs | Albums | Album Arts

ADAM SANDLER - What The Hell Happened To Me! - Lyrics2You

Chanukah Song
Chanukah Song [Live]
Crazy love
Dip Doodle
Do It For Your Mama
Hannukah Song
Joining The Cult
Memory Lane
Ode to my car
Ode to my Car (car honk censored version)
piece of shit car
Sex Or Weight Lifting
Steve Polychronopolous
The Adventures Of The Cow
The Chanukah Song
The Chanukah Song (Live)
The Excited Southerner At A Job Interview
The Excited Southerner Gets Pulled Over
The Excited Southerner Meets Mel Gibson
The Excited Southerner Orders A Meal
The Excited Southerner Proposes To A Woman
The Goat
The Goat (Album Version)
The Hypnotist
The Hypnotist (Album Version)
Uses Of The Word Fuck
What The Hell Happened To Me


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