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A-Ha - Headlines And Deadlines - Lyrics2You

Cry Wolf (1991)
Crying In The Rain
Crying in the Rain (1991)
Early Morning
Early Morning (1991)
Hunting high and low (remix) (1991)
Hunting High and Low [Remix]
I Call Your Name
I call your Name (1991)
I've Been Losing You
I've been losing you (1991)
Manhattan Skyline
Manhattan Skyline (1991)
Move To Memphis
Stay On These Roads
Stay on these Roads (1991)
Take On Me
Take on me (1991)
The Blood That Moves The Body
The Blood that Moves the Body (1991)
The Living Daylights
The Living Daylights (1991)
The Sun Always Shines On T.v
The Sun Always Shines On TV
The Sun always shines on TV (1991)
Touchy (1991)
Train Of Thought
Train of thought (
Train of thought (remix) (1991)
You are the one (r
You are the one (Remix) (1991)
You Are the One [Remix]


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